Hello, I am Estelle

Some time ago, I realized that I had spent a part of my adult and teenage life following the role models I was offered. Like it was the one and only way to live. To think that there was only one way to get done, to do things, to move forward.

And then I realized that I was completely wrong. That it had been a few years since I locked myself in. I had set a trap on my own, built my own golden cage. And then I spent my time waiting for the holidays to travel, to clear my mind, I got so suffocated by my daily life.

So I realized that it was no longer possible for me to continue like this. That the time had come for me to say stop. I needed to quit everything and explore new possibilities. I needed to widen my vision to realize that everything in life can be done by a thousand way, a billion, even.

A journey that required me a lot of kindness, a lot of attention, a lot of love to welcome everything that I had been able to slip under the rug for years.

And then there it is! After a lot of questioning, project attempts, consideration of possibilities, Im back on track! What has been with me for the past six years, what really brings me joy, pleasure, and feeds me, is the content creation, writing, photographing, creating, sharing.

All I needed was a website, a platform, a blog to formalize this activity which is so close to my heart.

So here it is welcome to my little world which I hope will bring you something, inspiration, resources, a desire to open your wings, an invitation to fly away too

artist ◌ creatress ◌ writress

My Mission

sowing seeds inspire you remind you that

you have the right to be you, that you are beautiful as you are, that you are legitimate, that you are capable to create what calls you, what is important to you, that you can achieve all that you dream and wish to accomplish, deep down you are free

We are all creating our own little universe, here is mine